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Puget Sound Multigun

We’ve recently been blessed with a new organization holding rifle/pistol/shotgun matches at the Renton Fish & Game Club in Renton, WA.  Previously, the only real options for semi regular tac rifle matches were FNRL at WCA or the monthly match at Custer.  Tac rifle has been a long time coming for the greater Puget Sound region.

I attended my first match there in February and had a blast.  All you need to get started is a rifle (you can use a “tactical” .22), a few extra magazines, and a couple hundred rounds of ammo.

I used my heavily modified Saiga 5.56, timebandit used his LEGAL SBR, and my friend Paul used a .22LR upper on his standard AR lower.  Anything goes, but if you want to shoot you need to have a safety check prior to the match.  There are NO day of match safety checks.  Contact Albert to get a safety check set up.

These pictures were taken of the match by the talented Sara Arrigoni of Sara Arrigoni Photography.  She’s available for hire.



Walther PPQ

I’ve had quite a few pistols go through my hands.  Some would say that I may have a “problem” with buying and selling handguns but I like to think of it as my hobby.  None have measured up to my favorite pistol, the Glock 19.  It has been the ONLY staple in my collection since it was purchased 9 years ago.

While the G19 will always be with me and will be passed down to my son, there is another that may supplant it as my EDC.

I recently purchased a Walther PPQ in 9mm.  The trigger pull is superb and the accuracy is phenomenal.  The grip feels like it was molded for my hand and it’s just a hair larger than the G19.  Carryability of the PPQ is greatly enhanced by the excellent Kaluban Cloak holster I purchased.

I’ve put approximately 200 rounds through it since I purchased it last week.  Now, I know that that is a pittance but it’s a start.  I’m starting to like the trigger guard magazine release and the extra large ambidextrous slide release lever.

There are, however, a couple cons to the pistol.  One is the availability and cost of extra magazines.  Coming from the land of $22 Glock magazines, $45 PPQ magazines are a little hard to swallow.  They’re also very hard to find right now with the increased popularity of the gun.  The second con is the more pronounced muzzle flip than the G19.  I understand that the G19 has almost no muzzle flip but it is a slight adjustment when switching pistols and worth a slight mention if you’re considering it.

As I use this gun more in matches and put some more rounds through it I’ll post some more.

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