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New blogs I’m following

I’ve become very interested in what are called Red Teams and penetration testing. It’s a fascinating world and sounds like a hell of a fun job.

Check out this blog – Red Teams

And check out Vuurwapen Blog. Andrew is probably my favorite gun blogger out there right now.




I received this pack yesterday. It was difficult to pull the trigger on it but after reading a huge amount of positive reviews and investigating the history of the company, I was sold.

This pack is definitely going to last through the apocalypse. It’s the best built bag I’ve owned and I’ve had quite a few high end “tactical” bags pass through my hands.

One of my favorite things about this pack is the “grey” capabilities. It doesn’t look overtly militaristic but the functions, features, and durability definitely scream I CAN TAKE WHATEVER YOU GIVE ME!

They can be had in multicam, black, or tan.

I will have an in depth review up soon. In the meantime, check out GORUCK and Gearpatrol’s year with the GORUCK GR1 .

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