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LMT factory Lower, custom built upper (14.5″ rainier arms select barrel, rainier arms xtc, fn upper, troy trx battle rail, eotech opmod)


2 Things


I was going to write a review on the GR1 but then I found this one and it hits every point I was going to make in a much more eloquent and in depth style.  Why reinvent the wheel?  As I tell my kids – “work smarter, not harder.”

The Kershaw Cryo is the best $40 I’ve spent on a knife in years.  This little blade disappears in your pocket, is light, opens amazingly fast , and feels like a much bigger knife in your hand.  Best thing is that the blade length is legal in most places.  Check your local laws regarding the speedsafe mechanism.

Also, I have a ZT0350 for sale.  Great condition with box/papers.  It’s a steal at $90.  Send me a message if you’re interested.

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