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Nemo Meta 1P


I have gear ADD. I can never fully commit to a single piece of equipment and am always looking for something better. To this end, I decided I needed a new single person tent for my yearly multi night backpacking trip in the Pasayten Wilderness. The Pasayten is an unforgiving place. It can be the middle of August and start snowing at 7200 – 8000′ or be 75 degrees at night a couple thousand feet lower. Because of this you need a shelter that will protect you and keep you comfortable in all ranges of temps and conditions.

I looked at a few ultra lightweight tent/tarp setups and finally settled on the Nemo Meta 1P. I had contemplated a tarp but there are way too many bugs up high at the lakes to make that feasible. I’d also contemplated a hammock, but when you’re up above the tree line that’s not always an option. I’ve had a few different Nemo products and have loved all of them. Their Astro Air sleeping board is the best inflatable I’ve ever used and the Cosmo with pillow top was even comfortable enough for my 8 month pregnant wife.

The Meta 1P weighs a paltry 1lb 15ozs in your pack. It compresses almost to the size of a Nalgene bottle. The lack of tent specific poles really helps with both packability of the tent and weight savings. I love the use of the trekking pole to support the tent. It makes a tool that I’m already packing with me multi purpose.

The Meta 1P is a breeze to setup. The first time I did it it took me about 10 minutes. After I got it down it took me about 4-5 minutes to get a nice tight tent.

I have two gripes with this tent but they’re minor. First is the condensation. I get that with single wall tents that condensation is going to be a problem but its still annoying. Second is that the ends of the tent, unless you guy them out pretty tightly, sit low enough to the ground that the wall of the tent can be pretty close to your face. This can be easily rectified by getting a real tight line off the loop on the outside of the tent. You can use your second trekking pole or a tree for this.

All in all, this is a great tent and I think it will be with me for quite a while.


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