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Puget Sound Multigun

We’ve recently been blessed with a new organization holding rifle/pistol/shotgun matches at the Renton Fish & Game Club in Renton, WA.  Previously, the only real options for semi regular tac rifle matches were FNRL at WCA or the monthly match at Custer.  Tac rifle has been a long time coming for the greater Puget Sound region.

I attended my first match there in February and had a blast.  All you need to get started is a rifle (you can use a “tactical” .22), a few extra magazines, and a couple hundred rounds of ammo.

I used my heavily modified Saiga 5.56, timebandit used his LEGAL SBR, and my friend Paul used a .22LR upper on his standard AR lower.  Anything goes, but if you want to shoot you need to have a safety check prior to the match.  There are NO day of match safety checks.  Contact Albert to get a safety check set up.

These pictures were taken of the match by the talented Sara Arrigoni of Sara Arrigoni Photography.  She’s available for hire.



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