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Graham Combat

I was recently introduced to the teachings of Matt Graham from Graham Combat and am very exciting to be training with him this summer.  He offers a very unique viewpoint on personal protection and personal safety.

Check him out –

Read this. Live this.

This is a very clear and concise summary of what we should all strive to do.

I love shooting.


A little 3-Gun action at Custer Sportsman’s Club in Custer, WA.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes

Everyone needs a little backup now and again.


Check it

Got to meet Mitch Gerads today and get my copy of The Activity vol 2 signed.

Check out the sweet rifle he drew!

The Activity


GR Challenge

See what happens when you start rocking a GR1?  You start getting dreams of grandeur and think you’re tough enough to be GORUCK Tough.  

Just signed up for the GR Challenge on 7 Jun 13 in Tacoma, WA.  

Anyone else wanna play?

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