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I like knives.  I like big knives, small knives, tactical knives, and traditional knives.

For the past year I’ve been pretty religiously carrying an Emerson CQC-7V.  I like the 7V because of the V grind as opposed to the standard Emerson chisel grind.  It’s easier to use and easier to sharpen.  Lately though, I’ve been gravitating more towards smaller and lighter knives as I streamline my daily carry.

To this end, I picked up a Spyderco Delica4.  It’s light, thin, sharp, tough, and inexpensive.  What’s not to like?  It carries like there is nothing there, it doesn’t scare people when I pull it out of my pocket, and it’s a very useful tool.



I like it.

The other one that I’ve been carrying lately while working one of my moonlighting jobs is this Benchmade Griptillian.  It’s made in the USA and is basically the Glock of pocket knives.



You see that edge?  I didn’t do that.  Albert at Seattle Edge did that.  He’s a master at sharpening knives and turns them into little lightsabers.  His prices are very reasonable and his turnaround time is quick.  I highly recommend him.


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